Principles Guiding Our Efforts to Design EVA

-Actual schools will continue to thrive and develop. The needs they serve are central to education.
-Virtual schools need to transcend the limitations of actual schools, not replace actual schools
-Ted Sizer and associates ideas as embodied in the 10 principles of Coalition for Essential Schools
-Why Bill Gates' Foundation may be wrong about small schools.
-High Tech High Design Principles
-Charles Eliot's wikipedia page
-Prakash Nair's Don't Just Rebuild Schools-Reinvent Them
-Randy Fielding's vision of a 21st Century Education
-Umair Haque's The Builders' Manifesto
-EduCon's Axioms

-Uniting students and teachers around THEIR subject interests
-Developing subject mastery through work on serious projects
-Project goals involve working on real-world problems

EdVision Schools
Big Picture Learning
New Tech Network
Seattle Progressive Schools (PSCS)